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Our rules are in place to ensure all guests can enjoy the Estate.

This is especially the case in the evening where noise can travel as the Cove forms a natural auditorium. 

Please be considerate of your neighbours

We know that some nights you may choose to sit outside late into the evening but please keep the noise low and turn off any music by 11pm.

Security Deposit

As you will already be aware, we are holding a £100 pre authorisation on the card that you paid with against the return of your Lodge in a clean and tidy condition.

No funds are debited from your account and providing there is no damage, loss of equipment or undue additional cleaning required, the authorisation will be cancelled down no later than seven days after your departure


You are not permitted to bring your own BBQ to Clifftops.  Contact the Estate Office if you would like  to arrange a BBQ during your stay (Stone, Copper, Silva only).

Your built in BBQ is located within the outside kitchen and is connected to mains gas. Do not leave any food unattended outside as the seagulls will help themselves. (Blue/Ope)


Pets are not permitted at Clifftops.


Smoking is not permitted in Clifftops accommodation or the outside space.   The nearest smoking area is the main car park.


Clifftops has a dedicated parking area in the main car park.  Please use the spaces allocated as the main car park can get busy during peak season. 

If you have not provided us with your car registration or have an additional vehicle please email the details to  The additional vehicle will need to be parked in the main car park and not the allocated Clifftops Parking.


Please do not feed the seagulls as they will become a nuisance. This is a health and safety issue so any guest found feeding seagulls will be asked to leave the Estate.

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