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The Cove witnessed the first recorded Viking attack within the British Isle in 789AD, the building of Rufus Castle by the godson of William the Conqueror, and the burial of local smugglers who worshipped in the Church below. King George III and Queen Charlotte landed in the Cove from Weymouth to celebrate their Wedding Anniversary at the Castle. 

A recent detailed History of Church Ope Cove has been prepared by The Church Ope Cove Project Research Group or listen to the people from the Island who grew up playing in the Cove as kids.

Pennsylvania Castle Estate and Portland Museum work in Partnership on the Church Ope Cove Trail

Launched in 2019 it aims to bring this “Little Cove with a Big History” to life for locals and visitors.

Portland Museum is an independent registered Charitable Trust run by volunteers.

The museum relies on the generosity of individuals, other charities and sponsors to support the conservation and care of collections, the on-going update of exhibits, its educational programme and community activities.

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